About us

BWS offers consulting services to Italian and European companies aiming to develop an internationally oriented strategy for buying, selling and producing in Myanmar.
Twenty years of experience in the analysis and development of new markets worldwide allows us to identify the best business strategies for countries, which have recently opened to foreign investment.

Thanks to direct relationship with the institutions and the organizations of Myanmar, BWS offers the proper way to enter a market and excellent opportunities of growth.

MetallicLogo-Mock-UpPartners, not just advisors

Our approach, in our relationships with our client companies, redefines the idea of a consulting service: we actively participate in managing the development plans for new markets by supporting companies in the realization of their projects through all stages from the incipient idea to the achievement of results.

The Company

BWS was conceived as a means to meet the challenges that firms face when confronting a new market by combining a thorough knowledge of the country with a proven network of consultants, engineers and finance specialists that offers flexibility and know-how.

Paolo Arnello

After receiving a degree in Political Science and then completing a post-graduate course at the University of California at Santa Barbara in the USA, he gained valuable experience in the fields of computers and import-export in Italy and abroad.
In 1993 in Turin he founded Diotronic Europe Srl, a company trading in computer components and through it he developed relations with the Far East (Hong Kong, Singapore, Taiwan, China).
In 1995 Paolo began cooperating with Atwood Richards Inc., which is based in New York and is a global leader in "multilateral barter", for which he managed the Italian market.
In 2000 he founded Plaza Srl, a company engaged in multilateral barter and corporate trade. The relationship with Atwood Richards lead him to become a consultant to other multinationals for developing new markets in Europe and in the Far East.
As a 5-year member of the Ambrosetti Club, he was the organizer of the meeting in Cernobbio (Como, Italy) and in 2005 was actively involved in the research project: "Suggestions for making a concrete development plan for the country to make it more competitive", later published by the Ambrosetti Club.
In 2006 he was given responsibility of the Italian market for Nanonica Sa, a technology transfer company working in the field of nanotechnology.
He was active in international bartering until 2010 and from 2011 until 2013 he was a managing partner for the start-up of I-Barter, B2B network in Italy.
He is currently incharge of business development for Italy Myanmar Chamber of Commerce.